I'm In Times When I'm Cold

Kasım Kobakçı




I'm In Times When I'm Cold

When my skin was cold,
I'm in times when I'm cold Despina..
While walking on dusty roads,
It was as if the flowers were blooming with every step I took.

Looking into your brown eyes,
A sun would rise in my eyes,
Cool waters flowed through my veins,
To my heart..

Fresh hopes were born in my palms,
Every new day..
Inexperienced excitement was playing in my heart,
I would wait like a dervish's patience,
The place where their evil eye fell..

My heart knitted with thin aches,
He would wake me up by kissing my forehead,
From the purple dreams that I chase..

With a love of lead inside me,
I would plunge into the crowds like a harpoon,
I was the hero of a brave loneliness,
The sound of silence in my eyes,
On my shoulders,
I had easy joys..

I said Despina,
When I'm cold inside,
Cloud of clouds,
Where the stones are hidden,
The blue disappears,
I am at the time when the waters recede.

What butterflies are now landing on flowers,
What ants are walking on my feet..
What doves on the sills,
Nor acacias reach my windows..

Gray crowds,
Concrete silhouettes,
Dull faces,
In your desolate eyes,
It's just a frustration that is tired of chasing the item.

If you were now,
If you have eyes,
With the hair you threw in the air,
You smile helplessly.

If your brown eyes are stuck in my window,
If there is a spark in me,
And if I'm warm,
If it gets cold again to old times, it's just my skin.

If it is a fresh spring in my heart,
And if I get lost in Your Times...

Kasım Kobakçı
Kayıt Tarihi : 23.3.2023 05:25:00
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Kasım Kobakçı