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Bills, Checks, Protests

Bills, checks, protests,
The so-called customers are fugitives,
The scam is called commerce.
Policies, cancellations, cancellations.

Expense tax, fire tax,
Accountant, financier,
Phone, phone, damage come, go.

Accident service policy rejection,
Also agency staff,
Ali İzzet is in the military,
Hatice, Eve in hard work,
Ali's mother is sick,
Sinan is in the trouble of placing a house.

Landlord rent increase hundred percent,
One of the companies, Yerseven, Önder "promissory note, check",
They are healthy, their cripples us.

The customer escaped, changed the address,
Hunting. Aslan is looking for a new address,
What is insurance to you in a backward country?

The chief lender does not pay any allowance,
In the role of subcontracted worker, civil servant fugitive,
Headache, stomachache and heart,
I'm sixty, I'm dead, I'm leaving,
You fix it, congregation...

Our elders who made a statement to the press,
The glass is in the cocktail in their hands,
Two hundred percent growth,
Should I cry or laugh?
By advertising a few pages,
Shall I go to the front page?

I said, he said, they said,
Same signature, same font, same title,
Collection problem collection problem,
And also rapid growth ads.

Agency and personnel transfer,
There is no reproduction in production, a lot of stealing,
Either the customer side,
Wants to be a damage taker champion,
The payment is also in the role of a fugitive.

Western type fuses,
30-40 years difference in insurance,
I am a lost human being.

I'm human, I'm human,
We went with torture,
All sorts of troubles have come upon us,
Search for salvation, search for salvation...

Kasım Kobakçı
Kayıt Tarihi : 27.3.2023 07:45:00
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Kasım Kobakçı