Sunset And Love Şiiri - Abdullah Uşan

Abdullah Uşan




Sunset And Love

Another beautiful sunset,
You wish it not to end.
Clouds are so soft,
Colors are so innocent,
Skies are so silent.
But they all say,
End of another day,
From the rest of your life.
No chance to change the past,
No control over the future,
Now, the moment is yours,
Live it to the end.
If you look to see,
The beauties are all around...
Love is the key,
To all locked doors...
Think with love,
Look with love,
Talk with love,
Walk with love,
Work with love,
Touch with love,
Hug with love,
Kiss with love...
Love is catching,
To be loved,
Live with love...

Abdullah Uşan
Kayıt Tarihi : 2.9.2019 21:40:00
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