Indestructible under normal use

Lara Stefanov




Indestructible under normal use

age does nothing to the skin
nor the brittle bone or body bending
it's not the telling of your time
but the tally of your trauma
foolish; those who aim to live forever

rather than be for-ever living
in a hundred years and more-
and weeping - age has done no harm
this tender ember, this human heart
so often dubbed as a fragile, is

indestructible under normal use
blood alone turns the wheels of age
grief, regret, love, feeling is disease-
all of walking nature
and nature is always screaming

so let us go then you and i
to where the clocks no more turn
whether by default or by design
let us go there, you and i

Lara Stefanov
Kayıt Tarihi : 15.10.2019 22:28:00
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bu da ingilizce olsun fr. ilham gelmedi. böyle iyi oldu. doğum günümde yazdım, kalsın işte şurda aman

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  • Lara Stefanov
    Lara Stefanov

    teşekkür ediyorum (:

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    Tuna Bozbey

    happy birthday madam