I wish I could Şiiri - Ayhan Diril

Ayhan Diril




I wish I could

I wish I could run to you
to watch all the places
where you had been.

I wish, in the streets I could walk
for hours, watching the most admired.
I wish I could inhale the fragrance
of the red roses deep in my lungs.

I wish I could close
the last pages of my life
only for you ,on your path.
without God’s wrath.

I wish I could hear nothing
but heart beats in excitement
and cry out the holy names
of the God.
I am sure your presence would
put out all the flames.

I wish I could give my last breath,
purified from all my sins
as the swallows flap their wings.
I wish I could stay there and never say bye

Ayhan Diril
Kayıt Tarihi : 27.9.2018 20:05:00
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Ayhan Diril