Ayhan Diril Şiirleri





Ayhan Diril

Stop, my tongue
Don’t move my lips
Don’t say goodbye
Let me stay with you,
A few minutes more.

Devamını Oku
Ayhan Diril

Bring me some red roses
Rest can be yours.
Over the clouds you see me then.
Never shade your smile from me
As I am a sunflower living with you.

Devamını Oku
Ayhan Diril

No longer do flowers bloom
If I don’t whisper your name.
The sun hides its light
If I don’t whisper your name.

Birds stop singing

Devamını Oku
Ayhan Diril

It is dawn,
No sleep in my eyes,
Watching the world
Through the curtains in my room.
Darkness is to set off soon.
Stars are on their way to escape

Devamını Oku
Ayhan Diril

So shy were the roses that
Each day they kept praying
Very silently,very deeply.
Till the date you were born.
A bright light shone in skies.
Pretty,smiling and wise.

Devamını Oku
Ayhan Diril

Never could I imagine
The heart once loaded of love
Would fly away one day
Leaving me with my pain together
Like a tiny feather.
On a sunny but cold weather.

Devamını Oku
Ayhan Diril

Dönüp bir baktım geriye.
Dün vardım bugün yokum.
Hayat nedir bizim için?
Koca deryada minik bir kum.

Gün oldu günüm yıl oldu.

Devamını Oku
Ayhan Diril

Look up the clouds,dear!
In the sky,
Something’s strange today.
Clouds, getting gray and gray.
So hard it is
To describe my feelings.

Devamını Oku