Fate Şiiri - Faruk Aysoy

Faruk Aysoy





Love was just a faith for me,
However, someone taught that to me.
She was the cutest girl on the world,
As a smiling gazelle in our hearts.

I begin to feel it in my soul,
It is a combination of everything at all.
Nobody can describe it,
Nor directly refuse it.

It is in my heart from now on,
And it would stay forever,
Unless she rejects it to change my world
From heaven to hell of the devils.

She is the only love for me,
In my soul, in my body, in my heart.
It is the new and unique sun of my life,
Which is going to shine during my entire fate…

Faruk Aysoy
Kayıt Tarihi : 1.10.2002 08:54:00
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Faruk Aysoy