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Ali Doğan Dağbey




Blind Lover

Love has no eyes
No ears
I was a blind lover
A deaf and mute poet
A drop from your eyes
Hazel green and nice
A Zaporojian smile at your face
A nip of water from Dnieper
A salute to Dniester
A yellow leaf in Hortitsa
Drifted by wind in autumn
Who knows
Who not
I was a drop
In your hazel green eyes in Kiev...

From one end of mother earth
To the other end
It was a love hand in hand
It was a love eye to eye
Don’t ask me why
It was a dream in Moscow
In a green car
Tiny and cosy
Lovely and noisy
It was a journey
From hell to heaven
Floor one to seven
In your hazel green eyes
Seductive and nice...

Ali Doğan Dağbey
Kayıt Tarihi : 30.3.2021 10:33:00
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