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Jeremy Usborne





lights on, lights off
is there anybody at home?
or is it just me lying on the bed
pallid and in an apathetic way.

tictacks of the wall clock,
inhalation and exhalation.
muggy mists inhabit in my chest,
neither exist nor dead.

creating a design for life,
flawless and indestructible.
pieces float in front of me,
but, i'm a mix of a million people.

choosing, having and loosing
singing the song of the future
the future, a grave of blurred images and visions.
the present, a past doomed to die.

pseudomemory traps create the past
in linear time.
great wheels turn it
and the blood in my veins.

Jeremy Usborne
Kayıt Tarihi : 25.8.2021 19:31:00
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Jeremy Usborne