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Who am I?

I am as real as death
You can feel me all the time
If you want to see me,
You only have to imagine me.

I am as abstract as life itself
If you want to know me,
I can give a clue to you
Maybe i am your fate

If you have failed to understand me
You should just think all your life
I am before, ı am after,
The soul for all souls all the way..

Özcan Öğüt
Kayıt Tarihi : 19.10.2005 11:27:00
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  • Abir Zaki
    Abir Zaki

    ..... I liked your opening.... I am as real as death...
    congratulations... keep up...

    Cevap Yaz
  • Abir Zaki
    Abir Zaki

    You just reminded me of my poem once written under the same title / Who AM I... /

    Who Am I...?

    People ask 'where are you from? '
    Coming from Asia, Europe, and Africa,
    I tell them, I am from nowhere
    But I know I have to start from somewhere…

    I am the river that flows love,
    The mountain that rises chaos,
    The morning sun that shines hopes and dreams…

    I am the history of sorrows and pains,
    Joys and laughers,
    Failures and triumphs…
    And the revolution of change…

    I am the battle that cries for freedom,
    And the cry of liberty…

    I am the living seas of waking dreams,
    Where a wrecked ship of my life esteems…

    I am the poem,
    The lines as they speak,
    The words that I seek…

    I am the sound, the only sound
    Of my voice that I entreat…


    Cevap Yaz


Özcan Öğüt