What happened to this city?

Ayhan Diril




What happened to this city?

Offended with something, my city is so quiet.
Closing all the curtains, it refuses all the delight.
No school kids around, what happened to my city?
Streets are deserted, oh, it is a great a pity!

The parks, with their empty benches, wait for the old men.
Will they come again leaning on their walking sticks? When?
The Stone Inn feels orphan, as the cheerful couples are lost.
Misty eyes look at the gray sky, fingers are crossed.

When this river will stop flowing joylessly, everybody asks.
Why are the people hiding their faces in their white masks?
I wish to see my students laughing cheerfully, in the class again.
Covid, stop please! Let the sun shine on this city to end this pain.

Ayhan Diril
Kayıt Tarihi : 4.4.2021 11:32:00
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Ayhan Diril