Walking on an icy road Şiiri - Ayhan Diril

Ayhan Diril




Walking on an icy road

Dark clouds cover the whole city.
Some heavy steps keep moving
Against the icy roads feeling gritty.

Sharp teeth crack as it gets colder
No one knows what is hidden behind
These frozen lips, carrying the load
Resting all the lies on the shoulder.

Steps on the icy roads shake the grey sky.
The words are so harsh I wish I knew why.
Let the sharp knives cut the snowman the kids made.
Let those who are in the light do not consider those in the shade.

Every winter leads to a summer, every night has a bright day.
Hope for the time when the dark tunnels lead to a bright way.

Ayhan Diril
Kayıt Tarihi : 23.1.2022 18:38:00
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Ayhan Diril