Thirty years Şiiri - Ayhan Diril

Ayhan Diril




Thirty years

Season is winter so I am cold
I am tired I am not thirty years old
Stars lead no targets to run
they slide one by one.

Thirty stars are in my hand
As they burn me in this land
Why more should stand?

Touch a black rose once
smell is in your hand forever.
Once the volcano erupts
Ash is there forever.

Unless the hand is not held tight,
who is there to share your cry at night?

Life is an ocean,
tides are down today,
they rise tomorrow.
Memories move
as if in slow motion

Break the branch of the rose.
Thorns hurt your fingers.
As your heart is broken into pieces
bad news pleases the ringers.

Ayhan Diril
Kayıt Tarihi : 10.10.2019 14:01:00
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