The Pleasant Farewell Sermon

Kasım Kobakçı




The Pleasant Farewell Sermon

The pleasant Farewell Sermon while he was unaware of it.
How do you know about the ranks?

An imaginary level that has captured your mind.
You are surrounded by four hands, strain, stick, lineage.

You are fertile, you are fertile; you are a shot of water.
If I said waist water, that's exactly why you are.

Is this what you brag about, that you pride yourself on...
Isn't it enough that you hit the wall?

We are all from Adam, and Adam is from the earth...
It dries up from the leaves that break off from the branch.

You must say an example, your head won't blow.
We give without hesitation, as long as you get your healing.

The teeth of a comb are our epitome in creation.
O racist, fascist guy, don't think we have any precedent.

Neither your Arab is a Novice, nor a Beginner's Car...
No, of course its superiority, are you a denier?

Arab, Persian we are equal; It doesn't matter our skin color.
Superiority is in taqwa, otherwise we are equal.

Your lineage cannot raise it while your deeds lower it.
If Islam is your religion, if Mohammed is your prophet.

Our colors are different, our speaking languages...
Boy, get to know people, our proofs of wisdom.

Let them see your power, the exemplary Creator.
Assign all the same as their sons stand.

Same root, same stem; all are branches from it.
What's left to brag, isn't there a bit of restraint?

Did you have the right to choose, did you choose your lineage?
Who is your father of ideas, from whom did you get this habit?

Is it the devil we know, who does not bow to Adam?
The one who does not like the order of God because I am superior to him.

My creation is of fire, its slime of mud.
So said Iblis, he was banished from the peace.

While he was the head of the angels, he was kicked out by stoning.
By being honored with someone who is not himself.

He is the inventor of racism, the father of ideas.
He who does not love us, his effort to humiliate us.

He swore and said; because you pissed me off.
I don't hold back from deceiving your servants.

From the front, from the back or; them from the right, from the left.
I'll snuggle, get out of the way.

Damn racist Satan, he did it.
He's snatched from the descendants of Adam.

Give up your crap, racist, fascist human being.
Don't make my tongue speak, the devil says.

Kasım Kobakçı
Kayıt Tarihi : 26.3.2023 21:09:00
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