The Pain Of Death Şiiri - Kasım Kobakçı

Kasım Kobakçı




The Pain Of Death

When my father died,
İnce Mehmet had just climbed to the mountains,
I was lying on the sofa in the school dormitory,
I was reading thin Mehmet.

There was the sun,
People outside,
I was cold,
Lying on the cedar.

İnce Mehmet, between the lines,
Your father was calling, they're going to shoot your father,
Painful brake sounds in my ears,
I am a limb cut off from my body.

It wasn't like my face,
Smooth and hairless,
Black Sea cities,
Trees are closer to god.

In the Black Sea mountains,
With a lamppost planted in the wrong place,
It was the collision of the two-cylinder engine,
The shot that thin Mehmet told me.

That's when
It was cut from my body,
When I was my father's age,
The pain of the limb I hear.

İnce Mehmet is in a cave,
The men of the agha who will shoot,
Separated from that puppy,
My sun had faded.

Ince Mehmet's Mauser
I read thin Mehmet,
His death and separation from my father,
Here at eleven I lived with him.

Ince Mehmet's death,
After my father's forty,
I learned when I was eleven,
My father was not even forty.

I just entered his age,
My daughter is my age,
The room is living the separation before I die,
Will live at my age,
The pain of death.

Kasım Kobakçı
Kayıt Tarihi : 30.3.2023 07:33:00
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