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Dark Paradise

I was hear a song yesterday night
It was describing to my line of life sight
"Every time ı close my eyes"
"Its like a dark paradise"

I can understand what she want to say
I don't feel perfect during the all of the day
But ı was be grateful for god in every pray
Because for all things, thats the price me pay

I will never give up to stay awake
Problems look like a little snake
Their grandeur was always fake
This time ı won't make a mistake

True, ı can choose the paradise ıf ı want
But can ı close my eyes? I'm afraid ı can't
My fears are very small, like an ant
My bravery always will be dominant

I won't never afraid to join the fight
I won't never step back because ı will be right
I'll always look the world from the right sight
This will be illuminate us like a beautiful light

I didn't deserve some of this attitude
We were close with some of them, like a dude
And now we're acting emotionless hah, so cute
Heart is different ıt can't stay on mute

Ahmet Oğuz Hoşöz
Kayıt Tarihi : 22.12.2019 02:15:00
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