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O Mercy

O mercy,
How well did you come across me,
As soon as I saw you I was broken into a thousand pieces,
One of them got scared, wanted to run away to the most inaccessible,
I grabbed it by the jugular vein and threw it into the thorny grass,
Will you ignore my cruelty and forgive my weakness?

O mercy,
You've changed a lot,
Endless years have fallen in love with the lines on your face,
Your black hair with no pronunciation, wearing white clothes..
Barren lands in your temples,
Would you sit and watch if I cry as if I'm afraid of the night?

O mercy,
It's been a while,
I have to beg my lover and make it rain in my gardens..
Then I know that it will mix with the smell of the emerging earth,
If I take you big,
If I lock my lungs,
Are you willing to stay away from freedom?

O mercy,
Where have you been, tell me now,
If I hide you in my jacket pocket,
If I feed azure poems on covered tables,
If I burst into laughter at every slap,
To my sharp eyes,
Crazy honey, would you fall for my confused words?

O Mercy,
My blanket was patched with peace,
Suppose the criers are shouting Nimrod's orders,
They gathered the hardest wood to fuel the fire I will burn..
When all my friends have been erased from their minds,
Falling on the smallest ant,
Can you help me escape?

O Mercy,
All my teeth are broken from hitting each other,
I held guards with steel sledgehammers out of fear,
Don't come to me, tell me your longest stories,
I swear, even if my eyes are dry, I will never blink,
I'll pack my troubles and travel around Baghdad,
If I write my covenants with my blood,
Do you believe without hesitation?

O Mercy,
I know your time is short, you will go,
I will be swept away in thirsty whirlwinds again,
Diamond waves will beat my chest,
My sweetest dreams will mock me,
In case I want to hug you for the last time,
If I beat my soul even once,
He opened his heavenly embroidered arms wide,
Will you wait for me..

Kasım Kobakçı
Kayıt Tarihi : 29.3.2023 18:16:00
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