Money Is Stingy, The Gun Is In Coward

Kasım Kobakçı




Money Is Stingy, The Gun Is In Coward

Money is stingy, the gun is in coward.
Love on craven, morality in bed.
Compassion is in the cruel, persecution on the street.
You say justice..

Right strong, power in politics.
Politics kingdom, patience envy.
Religion Trade, Azan on cassette.
You say justice..

The trust is in the thief, the mind is crippled.
In the poison cup, poison on the plate.
Ungrateful lap, anger in slap.
You say justice..

The minds are flying, the word is widow.
Art is pop, money on the ball.
Nothing is too much, there is no job.
You say justice..

Heads agency, stomach scrap.
In demand, the anger is in the wolf.
Let's go to prayer, ask your wife.
You say justice..

In seventy, if you say harasser.
If you give a bread that does not take a beggar,
If you see the phone a leyture, ah.
You say justice..

Mosques full, empty hearts.
Traders are ignorant, empty efforts.
Unpleasant, salt -free GMO dishes.
You say justice..

Honor is on the escape, the thief is in the turn.
Reluctant dinner on the plate,
If you mowed, sustenance is in the soil.
You say justice..

Kasım Kobakçı
Kayıt Tarihi : 27.3.2023 07:15:00
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