Make Your Cruelty Şiiri - Ayhan Diril

Ayhan Diril




Make Your Cruelty

Make your day, have fun.
Keep swimming in the best beaches.
Let your laughter ring in the skies.
Take a shovel ,dig a well for all sizes.

Wear a mask, start stealing happiness.
Stick your needle into fresh hearts.
Don’t worry, you are immortal.
Close your ears to silent cries.

Just search for new traps.
Reach the highest tower of your lies.
Throw all the roses under your feet.
Take the devil as your best friend.

Put a new tick on each day,
for each of your trick.
Fumble for sins in secret pockets.
Make your cruelty.

There's more time to doomsday
never spend a minute
to burn new hearts.
Make your cruelty.

Like you own the whole world
make your cruelty.
Holy book in one hand
and black dagger in one hand.

What if you forget what will happen.
There is the God watching over you.

Ayhan Diril
Kayıt Tarihi : 22.9.2020 11:36:00
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