Homeless Şiiri - Jeremy Usborne

Jeremy Usborne





like the womb of the universe
i am lying in a fetal position.
all perspectives are based on me,
all ways melt and blend there.

the hollow under the belly
gets bigger and darker,
until it covers my whole body.
feel like homeless forever.

this mild body is my home.
its pillars are the bones,
the blood gives the sparkliness,
will be getting frozen, more and more.

that sensitive eyes
keep salty drops,
and slopes of the lashes
always want to steepen.

flutters of ego, inside.
idealization of desires.
self-loathing and self-love,
is that all, god?
walking non-stop in the corridors?

every stimulies
that runs through my synapses.
thoughts and consciousness.
this is me, the centre, the oneliness.

Jeremy Usborne
Kayıt Tarihi : 25.9.2021 18:40:00
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Jeremy Usborne