Elephants Şiiri - Ayhan Diril

Ayhan Diril





Trust not those fiery hooks in your hands.
Soon the rains will destroy your plans.
You’ll burn yourself sooner or later.
The sun will reveal the traitor.

Remember the cruel armies came together,
preferring ferocity and, brutality, rather.
So atrociously their army attacked,
With the hearts, diseased and black.

They announced their intention.
But the holly temple was not destroyed
Their plan did not work
for the believers the came the sun
shining through the murk.

God made their plan into misguidance
causing them to perish.
After some darkness came
some light, some chance.

How treacherous their plan was.
They all went astray in a blink of an eye.
Flocks of birds came from the sky.
Struck the huge monsters
with stones of the hardest clay
leaving them in poor cries.

The tiny birds grasped stones.
Started hitting them so hard
Soon they were all laid on the ground
Like eaten straw,,
their names were never found.

Ayhan Diril
Kayıt Tarihi : 28.11.2019 14:00:00
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