Decorate, Sister-soul, With The Paint Of ...

Kasım Kobakçı




Decorate, Sister-soul, With The Paint Of The Lord

With great speed, raise your hands,
Get wet sister-soul, in the shower of mercy.
One spoon more, to the prayer table,
Lean on sister-soul, put it aside.

Since we became brothers in Bezm-i elest,
This mahogany composition, let it be played,
The miracle hidden in the voice is in silence,
Shout out, sister-soul, shut up to the voyage.

Do not let us down wholeheartedly,
Whether we come close or go far,
Don't be sad at this part of the world,
Feel your sister-soul, with the afterlife.

Our crown is the crown of love,
Our pain is one; our joy is one.
Our Savior said, "Sibgatallah",
Decorate, sister-soul, with the paint of the Lord.

Kasım Kobakçı
Kayıt Tarihi : 18.8.2022 07:35:00
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Kasım Kobakçı