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Chilly Wind of Douro

A love that even poems drown inside confusion,
A love that makes people feel sad when they think but it is worth for each second when you live it,
It is like neighbor's kid that pay a visit from far away,
Even seeing again is doubtful,
But there are some times,
Just need to live,
Without thinking,
Without questioning,
Times that drown you when you think,
That's what it was like…

Sometimes I feel the depth when i look at your eyes,
I see that you are thinking the end and being sad,
I’m sorry, Chilly Wind of Douro,
I can not cry,
I can not destroy this moment that you gave me,
The days for me are passing fast inside that eyes,
Sometimes it makes me forget days.

Again i look at your eyes,
I can feel uneasiness that the future gives you,
Inside these eyes that look with her pure love,
it wants only this foreign soldier that sets light to her in darkness,
Maybe it should be like that, Chilly Wind of Douro,
The days will pass, and time will come one day,
When we looked at the past, maybe it is a pretty story that we need to see it,
I loved you until the end,
And when i went to future, there will be nothing that i regret.

You always wondered that,
If you wonder your beauty,
I am saying,
You're as beautiful as I love you.

Onur Mecit
Kayıt Tarihi : 4.10.2018 05:39:00
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Onur Mecit