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Cheers Aphrodite

Cheers Aphrodite, let's drink!
God said gay love is a sin
Why Aphrodite, tell me please
I pray on my knees.

If you're responsible for my sin
You won, your call is irresistible
My woman's lips are turning into wine
I get drunk as I kiss, I don't lie.

She and I complete each other
Like two puzzle pieces come together
But I carry this sin on my shoulder
No matter. I'll love her forever

Cheers Aphrodite, cheers
To love and being loved!
Let's drink our beers
You brought me passionate love

Melike Değerli
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  • Zeylin Zabel Siran
    Zeylin Zabel Siran

    God allowed gay love, so it isn't sin
    Adam's chromosome: xy
    Adam's ribs choromosome: xy
    So Eve's chromosome: xy

    Adam and Eve complete each other and they're men

    Ok? :)