Beautifull Girl of Baltic Sea

Onur Mecit




Beautifull Girl of Baltic Sea

The sky is collapsing on me every moment i didn't think you,
I am losing myself between silent waves on sky when i didn't see my eyes of sea girl,
Know that i am ready to suffocate myself in Baltic sea created with your tears,
What can i do without you in the world,
I would liked to cry right now but i can't cry while i am happy,
Somethings is going wrong in my life but i can't control without understand it,
Either countries or nationalities are separating us,
I want to go against them with my all of power,
No one can't take you from me,
What will i do without you in the world,
I would sold my soul to evils if you weren't with me,
You are cleaning my poor soul like angel appointed by the God,
The God is accepting my all of prayer while i am with you,
I am not going to anywhere,
I am always with you,
Hold my hand,
Beautifull girl of Baltic Sea don't leave me until end of the world,
And take away this love to eternity...

Onur Mecit
Kayıt Tarihi : 14.11.2017 07:58:00
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Onur Mecit