Al- Quds, at all costs

Fatma Genç Ünay




Al- Quds, at all costs

I-Al-Quds, at all costs

From cities, Istanbul with its minarets and al-Quds with its Qubbat As-Sakhrah,
Mecca with its Bayt, al-Quds with its Masjid Al-Aqsa,
Medinah with its longing, and al-Quds with its blind love,
My heart is beating like a child’s,
Al-Quds, at all costs, al-Quds, at all costs
One child, one thousand al-Quds

II - The Homeland of Peace

Here is al-Quds
Here is Dar es-Salaam!
Here is the main land of peace
My al-Quds the glorious, my sacred sanctuary, honor and salvation
Here is the city of wisdom, the kingpin of all cities
Fortified by the Holy Spirit, the land of prophets,
Here is the city carrying the “mystery of human” to the heavens
With the ascension of Muhammad the Reliable
The city revealing the mystery of the heavens
To the mankind from the celestial spheres
The city of those with a heart beating al-Quds
Here is the precious one of all loved ones
The city of the Beloved One

III - The Outcry of Al-Quds

The outcry of al-Quds is the outcry of Doomsday
When it rages, sends the heavens roaring
As if red skies come down to the earth, harsh
If it comes from the heavens, then it does with no return:
Cracking the ribcage of the world…

Oppressor, the subject of this sentence;
Shroud, its object; cruelty, its verb
Day of Judgement, its tense; death comes
Its fullstop is left for the End of Time
This cause nevers ends
Extends over to the Last Trumpet

Al-Quds, the way of mankind,
Leading, from Haram al-Sharif,
To the Bridge hereafter
Endless uplands for some, pebble stones
Red, burning sands of the Najaf desert for others
No need to say more, with ups and downs
Every way begins and ends in al-Quds

As I told
Between preeternity and posteternity
Al-Quds is the bridge…
Those crashing onto the grave of its land, on the one hand
Those passing the bridge of life like the wind on the other
Every of them on separate ways, and on the Bridge at the end
Al-Quds is the city where disruptors and aggressors
Are held accountable for their deeds

Prayer of grieved Palestinian children at dawn
Harsher than the sound of the outcry
From the Last Trumpet as it is blown
Out of its anger, the heavens split open
Making the Highest Heaven shiver

The outcry of al-Quds is the divine one
Throws around disdainful reigns,
And those who stray away from the Right Path,
And murder-smelling combat boots
Takes out the land from under them
Bury them in its grave abruptly…

Translation: C.F.Y.

Fatma Genç Ünay
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